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Baram Bird Nest (75g)

There is two main type of bird's nest in Malaysia which is the Cave's Bird's Nest(natural) and the Farm House Bird's Nest.Golden Bird's Nest , Mao Yan , White Cave Bird's Nest is categorized as the cave's nest while Farm House Bird's nest is the White Bird's Nest.

Gua Niah located in Sarawak, Malaysia produces a large amount of cave Bird's Nest which lead it to one of the three largest local product in the nation.

Cave Bird's Nest is also known as the Mineral Nest. It is the most primitive of the wild bird's nest, most of the nest is produced in coastal cliffs. The Golden Swift built the nest with it's saliva and it is known as the natural bird's nest. The Golden Swift capture the wild and pollution free insects as food. Nest that is built in the cave will absorb a large amount of minerals and cave's essence which makes the nest rich in protein and vitamins. The minerals level in the cave bird's nest is always higher than the farm house bird's nest.

The production of cave bird's nest is limited because it can not be created artificially by human. The vitamins is higher compare to the farm house bird's nest. One of the way to prove this statement is that, the cave bird's nest can be stew for 3 to 5 hours while the farm house nest will turn watery after 2 hours of stewing.

Efficacy :
Formation of new skin cells, smooth and beautiful skins, anti-aging, health

Preparation :
Bird's nest is soak in the plain water for more than 2 hours, then it is place and steam in the steam cooker for 4 hours, while 2 hours and 30 minute if your are using a slow cooker.

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