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Durian White Coffee (12s)

A perfect combination of smooth white coffee with the king of fruits, this coffee leaves a unique durian aroma in your lips. 

The richest, most fragrant, smoothest durian white coffee you’ll ever taste, it will leave you coming back for more.... Durian has been known as the “king of fruits”, and Malaysian durian is one of the best durians in Southeast Asia, as its unique aroma wins the hearts of every durian lover. It contains high amounts of proteins and nutrients, making it suitable for everyone to eat. Once you open a packet of durian white coffee, a scent of mouth-watering durian will rush to your nostrils. Coffee Town Durian White Coffee uses 100% natural Malaysian durian, combined with our unique white coffee blend, makes a cup of the richest, smoothest natural white coffee flavor available. A fresh cup of durian white coffee’s rich aroma makes you feel like you are in a durian orchard, surrounded by fragrant durians, while enjoying the natural, healthy and low-sugar durian white coffee. 

Characteristics : Rich coffee aroma, great durian taste, full of bubbles, slightly sweet, smooth down the throat, a smell that will make you come back for more. 

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