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Minceur Mocha Slimming Coffee (30s)

Minceur Mocha Slimming Coffee 


        Paris belongs to women.It radiates a charm of sophistication. It brews confidence. It manifests the highest class of nobility.


        This is not a normal coffee. This is your source of confidence. Minceur Roasted Mocha selects the top-notch coffee beans and other premium ingredients and brews them into a cup of irresistible aromatic coffee. On top of its silky smooth consistency and profound aroma, Minceur Roasted Mocha possesses multiple body-contouring effects that strictly comply with food safety regulations. In an absolute peace of mind, every sip of Minceur Roasted Mocha melts your heart and helps shape your perfect body.


Excellent Effects


  • High satiating power, which regulates appetite to prevent excessive food intake
  • The burning of exterior fat, through a more rigorous metabolic activity
  • The elimination of stubborn fat from body by soften the fats molecules
  • A heightened metabolic rate, which burns an extra 600kcal
  • A boosted level of vitality and stamina, through a ready energy conversion from fat.
  • An doubly accelerated blood circulation, which handles speedy fat consumption
  • The dissolving of fat around the common fat depository body parts.


The Method of Use

        Mix 1 sachets with 150-200ml room temperature water (Minceur Roasted Mocha with 150-200ml hot water) and stir well. The best way to consume is 30-60minutes before daily breakfast.If you have any gastrointestinal problem please consume the product 30-60minutes after breakfast.



        This product contains caffeine.Patients diagnosed with heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and other related illnesses, teenagers below 18 years old, folks above 60 years old, as well as pregnant or breastfeeding woman are highly not recommended to consume this product.



Please store in cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight.


Size of Each Packet : 20g

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